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May 2024

Pastor John Bradshaw

From the desk of
John Bradshaw

Dear Partner in Ministry,

It wasn’t just what was written that caught my attention, but how it was announced.

In 2013, Pope Francis, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, offered an indulgence—a reduction in the time a person would spend in purgatory—to people who followed him on social media. The pontiff offered a shorter term in purgatory to anyone who opted to follow the events of World Youth Day on his Twitter account.

As absurd as that is, it reflects the fact that social media is the new frontier for media and communications. Social media isn’t about to arrive. It has arrived. And It Is Written, which has remained on the cutting edge of technology for almost 70 years, continues to adapt to the social media environment.

A recent video we produced specifically for YouTube in March to counter the hype and misinformation regarding the recent total solar eclipse was viewed almost half a million times. We have seen similar numbers for other It Is Written programs and encouraging viewer numbers for It Is Written Sabbath School episodes and Instagram Reels. To be able to produce a 30-minute video in just 36 hours from start to finish, focusing on the three angels’ messages and containing a gospel appeal, and present it to half a million people demonstrates what a potent evangelism tool we have in social media.

Thanks to a very generous donation, It Is Written has been able to create a department dedicated to social media. Not only are we increasing our social media output, but we are also producing more programming specifically for social media.

This does not alter our commitment to producing television programs. We still create the weekly It Is Written and Escrito Está programs, along with Conversations, Line Upon Line, Sabbath School in English and Spanish, and more. And our audience continues to grow. Yet social media is such that we cannot only place our made-for-TV programs on social media sites. We must create new content, specifically for the social media audience. For It Is Written, the question cannot be either television or social media. Rather than either/or, we must be both/and. Which increases our workload, and, obviously, our expenses.

This month, I am asking you to help us specifically with social media development, additional productions that continue to reach a new, broad audience. Our recent eclipse video was watched by a large percentage of young people, as are our Instagram Reels and various other made-for-social media content. Numbers of social media users continue to grow. In Alaska recently, during our state-wide evangelistic series, a 20-year-old man told us he came to the meetings because he learned about the series on social media. While that might not be surprising, a woman in her mid-60s told us precisely the same thing. It was because she had seen It Is Written on social media sites that she became aware of the ministry and of the evangelistic meetings. And, during the meetings, she gave her heart to Jesus and became part of the church family!

For all of the challenges they present, social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube, and others offer us an unprecedented opportunity to share the gospel. To truly capitalize on that opportunity, It Is Written must dedicate more financial, human, and physical resources to create the programming needed to share Jesus with this huge, global audience.

Your support this month will enable It Is Written to produce more content specifically curated for social media. This will allow us to offer more Bible studies, attract more viewers to our existing content, and present more people with the opportunity to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

While in a Middle Eastern country recently, I met a young woman who today is a dedicated church member, despite being from a country in which people are routinely killed for being Christian. I wondered how in the world this woman became a Christian. Her answer was simple: “Social media. The site isn’t permitted in my country, but I was able to access it using a VPN. One day I saw a message from a Christian and was intrigued. I learned about Jesus, then learned the teachings of the Bible, discovered the Sabbath, and the church teaching God’s end-time message.” Today, just a few years later, this young lady is a full-time church worker, whose heart is on fire for Jesus and the gospel.

There are many more stories like that waiting to be told. It Is Written is pushing to reach this enormous global audience with the truth for this time. With your help, more miracle stories will be shared. The message remains the same. Delivering it more broadly to a global audience is a fulfillment of prophecy: “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations; and then shall the end come” (Matthew 24:14).

Thank you for your prayers and for your continued support of the work God is doing.

Yours in blessed hope,

Pastor John Bradshaw
President, It Is Written

P.S. Social media reaches a vast global audience. It Is Written remains committed to sharing the gospel wherever people are, through both traditional and social media. Our recent video on the solar eclipse reached nearly half a million people. With your support, we can continue to create content specifically for an online audience and share with them the truth for this time.

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